Some Slave Names

A researcher named Joyce Cook has graciously agreed to share material from a book that a cousin of her's wrote which contains some wills with named slaves in it. She feels, as I do, that this material needs to be made available to a wider audience, thus I've undertaken the construction of some web pages to do just that.

Introductory message
Credit to her cousin
original form of the index
The index
Robuck wills - 1700s Virginia
William Rowlett sales - 1830 Tennessee
Covington, Gill, Rowlett wills - 1773-1844 Virginia (all?)
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discussing our procedure
John Worsham 20 Jul 1813 Pittsylvania Co., (Virginia)
Ann Taylor, January 1809, Chesterfield Co
Peter Rowlett's will 11 Jan 1754

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Brackett Owen will December 18 1801
28 Sep 1658 Col. Samuel Smith of Wiccocomcoco
will of John Bearcroft 15 Oct 1743
John Worsham, 3rd -------?, 1751, Henrico Co., (Virginia)
Francis Jackson will dated March 4, 1776 Raleigh Parish, Amelia County
wills of 4 Smiths and a Nutt
Samuel Smith will and census record etc
William Jackson will recorded 2 Dec 1795 Woodford Co., Ky
William Rowlett will July 5, 1734 Henrico County, Virginia
John Austin will March 25 1732/3 (old style)
John Worsham, 20 Apr 1771. Pittsylvania Co. Va